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A perfect blend of customization and standardization is proven by Strutsol Energy – Single pole structure. Customized to incorporate every possible detail of the requirement and standardized to address the ease, pace and suitability of manufacturing and installation.


Single pole hat on hat structure design allows for a faster manufacturing process and easy installation on site, making it the most economical solution available in the market. It is sophisticated yet very simple with custom designed sections, dedicated assembly and teams to manufacture and install. The design suits to any type of soil ranging from sandy deserts to hard rocky strata.

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Ranging from desert sands of Rajasthan, to the rocky terrain Madhya Pradesh to the clayey farms of Tamil Nadu. The Solar panel mounting structures supported in such abnormal soil conditions are the Strutsol Energy – dual pole structures. The landscape orientation of dual pole structures are ready facilitating more than 200 modules per structure with optimized array layout.

·         Easy manufacturing process with dedicated assembly lines and teams

·         Low elevation system for a South orientation

·         An optimized solution for a project specific customization

·         Significant savings on time and money

·         No need for earth levelling work, even if the terrain is uneven

·         Optimized array layout and minimized shading losses

·         Typical elevation angle of 10 to 20 degrees

·         Site-specific design, wind analysis and engineering support

·         Durable and certified to withstand heavy wind and rain loads

·         Range of solutions to customize for specific needs

·         Available in single post, dual post and many other variants

·         Optimized to incorporate ease of manufacturing

·         Produced at a rate of 50Kw/ Month

·         Designed to enable faster on-site installation at a rate of more than 1Kw/ Day

·         Five-year warranty, extendable to ten years